1. Ryder Cup Cologne-Aachen

On September 15, a special event took place at the golf club “Am Alten Fliess” in Bergheim near Cologne: the 1st Ryder Cup Cologne-Aachen. Here, 20 entrepreneurs from Aachen and Cologne met to demonstrate their skills in a partnership round of golf and under midsummer conditions. Ten players from each of the two cities took part in the tournament, which was organized this year for the first time by Dr. Schönheit + Partner. The two team captains, Dr. Klaus Feuerborn and Dr. Martin Schönheit, took over the planning. The team from Aachen won by a narrow margin and may take the challenge cup home with them this year.

In addition to the exchange among like-minded people, the Ryder Cup was also used to collect donations for the „Vingster Treff“. More than EUR 2,000 will benefit the Cologne-based institution, which helps unemployed people and people with immigrant backgrounds.

The Ryder Cup Cologne-Aachen was the first tournament in this form and showed how golf can bring people from different cities and industries together. The second round of the tournament will be hosted by Golfclub Aachen 1927 e.V. next year.

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