30. Münchner Management Kolloquium

Dr. Martin Schönheit, Managing Partner, and Enrico Schönheit, Director Business Development, were on the road for Dr. Schönheit + Partner (S + P): Together they travelled to Munich to take part in the 30th Münchner Management Kolloquium from 7 – 8 March 2023 and to put the strategies of manufacturing market leaders, given in keynote speeches on the top topics of INNOVATION, SUSTAINABILITY and RESILIENCE, to the test. The main focus was on the exchange of ideas on the key management issues of the coming years.

“You can assume that your factories and business processes will have to be trimmed for even greater FLEXIBILITY and SIMPLICITY in the future. We look everywhere for feasible approaches in OPERATIONAL EXCELLENCE and combine them with our innovative ideas. That’s why we travel to the places where dialogue among doers is expected. It was worth it,” reports Dr. Martin Schönheit.

S + P can already provide support for many of the issues discussed:

SUSTAINABILITY: Meeting climate protection targets while forecasting growth requires the implementation of the Green Factory (we will show you this at our stand 27a at AWK’23 in Aachen from 11-12 May).

  • RESILIENCE: Future supply chains must show resilience to the unknown without tying up too much excess capital in inventory and inefficiencies in the process.
  • INNOVATION: Bringing production, SCM chains and the product life cycle as a whole into a meaningful circular world, especially with a maximum export quota, requires standardization in the product but especially in the process that can be digitalized.

Our solution for optimal, future-proof business processes is called “High Purpose Business Process”. What exactly does that look like? Just contact us!

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