Adelholzener Alpenquellen – Factory planning 2040

With the goal of increasing the number of bottlings at the Bad Adelholzen site in the Bavarian Alps, Germany, by up to 60% in 2040, Adelholzener Alpenquellen GmbH (ADELHOLZENER) gave the go-ahead for the development of a master plan in January 2021. Within around 6 months, the consulting and planning company Dr. Schönheit + Partner Consulting Engineering (S + P) worked with the team from ADELHOLZENER to design a future-proof factory concept for the approx. 225,000 m² site, which encompassed all areas – from production through warehousing and logistics to administration and parking. In developing the master plan, S + P’s in-house planners from the factory planning and architecture departments focused on employees, a higher number of filling lines, parking spaces for empty and full containers, as well as corporate architecture and climate neutrality.

ADELHOLZENER has been based in the Bavarian Alps for more than 115 years and, with a production of around 575 million bottles of medicinal and mineral water as well as soft drinks, is the third strongest mineral water brand in Germany. In order to continue to meet rising demand in the future, the Bad Adelholzen site is to be redesigned in a way that an increase in bottling of up to 60% is feasible in 2040. With this in mind, S + P drew up a master plan covering all areas (production, warehousing, logistics, administration and parking) for the step-by-step achievement of the set target.

An important part of the plant planning is the central administration, which forms the heart of the plant. It is positioned in such a way as to ensure short distances to the parking garage, canteen and changing rooms. In the future, all employees will enter the plant via the administration building, thus strengthening the “we” feeling. The façade design of the production building also reflects the reference to the “ADELHOLZENER” brand. The architects at S + P were inspired by sparkling water and planned the design of the façade in line with the product in the sense of corporate architecture. In addition, the logistics and empties building are harmoniously integrated into the landscape by constructing the halls with sensible, natural building materials and providing them with greened, flat pitched gable roofs. The use of jointly evaluated and selected future technologies ensures a gradual reduction of the carbon footprint for the entire site up to carbon neutrality in 2040. The “Water World” visitor center is also part of the master plan. In the future, the visitor path will lead through the new halls of the bottling plants and along a “path with a view” through the appealing landscape to the listed nurses’ home.

The result of the S + P master planning for ADELHOLZENER is impressive: The buildings comprise a gross floor area of 177,000 m², divided into 55,600 m² of production area, 115,000 m² of storage and logistics area, and 6,400 m² of administrative area. There are 12 filling lines, 77,000 storage spaces for full containers and 120,000 spaces for empties, 100% climate neutrality, 900 employees and one “face” for ADELHOLZENER.

“The plant planning 2040 is an important milestone for us to lay for our successful future,” says Peter Lachenmeir, Managing Director, Adelholzener Alpenquellen GmbH. “With their master plan, Dr. Schönheit + Partner not only makes our economic goals feasible, but also incorporates ecological and social aspects that are particularly dear to us.”

“During planning, it was always important to us to continue using the existing buildings in the future concept in a sensible way and to obtain an efficient concept for production, logistics and technology by placing new buildings right from the start,” explains Rüdiger Hermann, Plant Manager and Project Manager Plant Planning 2040, Adelholzener Alpenquellen GmbH.

“Even if the future cannot be predicted exactly, sketching the big picture as a picture, as a master plan with experts, provides orientation and creates value for successful market leaders with No. 1 strategy,” says Dr. Martin Schönheit, Managing Partner, Dr. Schönheit + Partner Consulting Engineering.

“Embedding the factory in the green, topographically moving landscape, has been impressively successful with the final factory planning/master planning,” says Peter Thomé, Managing Director, Dr. Schönheit + P. Engineering GmbH. “The blending of nature, especially in the area of the new emptying halls, is an essential aspect that makes the realization possible. The site can grow in steps and, with the first step of growth, already has a new face for Adelholzener.”

S + P Masterplan 2040 for a centralized administration of the Adelholzen Alpenquellen in the center of the plant (Source: Dr. Schönheit + Partner)

S + P Masterplan 2040 for logistics buildings of Adelholzener Alpenquellen embedded in the landscape (Source: Dr. Schönheit + Partner)

Visitor path from the nurses’ home to the production site of Adelholzener Alpenquellen (Source: Dr. Schönheit + Partner)

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