Jan Oliver Weisel

Member of Management Board Engineering

Oliver Michel

Member of Management Board Consulting

The Management Board

Dr. Martin Schönheit

Managing Partner, CEO
Consulting Engineering
S + P Integrated

Matthias Däumler

Member of Management Board Consulting

Peter Thomé

Managing Director Technics Engineering

A Strong Team

Our employees are our most valuable asset. They are unique and multifaceted. We feel an obligation to the welfare of our employees, their personal motivation and development. We have a high regard for every one of our employees. We offer an environment that is excellent to work in.

Generate Value

Thanks to our excellent team, we are able to offer a unique set of engineering performances. Their performance and innovative strength as well as their commitment and professional qualifications guarantee optimal and consistent results. The quality of our work, the mutual respect and continuous training belong to our lived values. Appreciation takes a particularly significant role – in the relationship with our customers and in the whole team. With our strong community of expertise, we set highlights for you.