Construction costs – budget compliance despite price increases?

Supply bottlenecks and price increases for important building materials such as cement and building sand – there are many reasons for price increases in the construction and real estate industry. Construction prices for commercial buildings in Germany have risen significantly since 2020. In the fourth quarter of 2022, the price index for the construction of such buildings reached 157.7 points, a price increase of 57% since 2015. From 2021 in particular, the price spiral is accelerating: Over two years, prices in the main construction and finishing trades even rose by 26% each.

At Dr. Schönheit + Partner, we are constantly working to minimize the impact of rising construction costs for our clients. Our experts always keep an eye on costs, using creative approaches early on in the project to set the course for cost-effective realization and to adhere to the cost forecast made at the start of the project as it progresses as far as possible. Comprehensive work structure planning, the early involvement of specialist engineers and close cost management during the planning and execution phase allow us to react agilely to price changes. The investment in new production or operating buildings thus remains predictable and a component for securing the location.


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