Digitalization in companies

Are failed ERP implementations slowing down digitalization in Germany?

German companies are lagging behind in digitalization in a European comparison. In the EU comparison, Germany is in the lower midfield in the evaluation of the integration of digital technologies (DESI score) (source: European Commission, Digital Economy and Society Index Report 2022). A process-oriented and stable ERP system is the base for a successful digitalization strategy. However, due to mistakes in past ERP implementations, many companies can only use this potential to a limited extent. At the same time, the major software providers are increasing the pressure on companies to take action, as the maintenance cycles of existing systems will expire in the next few years.

In our view, an upcoming ERP introduction in companies should be seen as an opportunity to rethink, optimize and digitally support processes. This is the starting signal for an accelerated digitalization. As process experts, we see the central success factors of an ERP introduction in a structured approach, starting with process optimization, in order to be able to introduce a process-integrated system close to the standard. True to the motto “Operational Excellence meets Digitalization”, we support our customers in the design of lean digital processes, the selection of the ideal ERP provider and the management of the implementation process through IT consulting.

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