Dynamic simulation in a master plan

Successful implementation at a customer’s site in Latin America

To provide an answer to the ambitious growth expectations for its production site in Latin America, a worldwide medical devices manufacturer based in the U.S. listed the services of the factory planner and management consulting firm Dr. Schönheit + Partner (S + P). In cooperation with the plant’s local planning and management team, S + P reviewed the extant layout plans and supported the team to make appropriate changes to successfully implement the people and value stream-driven master plan.

The planning approach taken by S + P focused on people, logistics and value streams. With a floor space of more than 40,000 sqm, the facility layout was designed as a scalable and flexible solution to respond to future demands. This included cleanroom facilities, logistics functions, support and technical areas, as well as offices and social / recreational areas. To optimize people flows during plant entry, exit and lunch breaks, S + P developed a dynamic simulation model that reduced waiting times at the cafeteria by 84% and bottlenecks at gowning/degowning by almost 78% over the whole site.  With this a solution was developed which, in addition to the high process requirements, also meets the needs of the employees. Work quality increases, time pressure in secondary processes is eliminated, and break times can be used for recreation in the best possible way.

Additionally, a master plan playbook was developed for the complete site, showing the annual requirements (headcount, production lines, pallet spaces, floor space) according to volume forecast projections for the next ten years. This completes the information required by the company’s management to make timely decisions and secure corporate growth in the future – organizationally as well as structurally.

“One of the project‘s challenges was the travel restriction due to the COVID-19 pandemic”, states Tobias Kuhnert, Managing Director, S + P Consulting. “Following our remote factory planning approach and with the great support of the local team, the project was managed efficiently, saving time and resources during its conduction, thus creating more value for our client.”

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