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Mastering the complexity of your flagship project?
With ONE point of contact for all planning issues.

Decisions on major construction are often taken during periods of dynamic growth, while your operation is dealing with many challenges and changes associated with this growth. At the same time, this project carries the expectation of being your factory of the future and become a milestone in your company’s history, that will shape your production for years to come. Realizing this expectation of a factory which will meet your demand 20 years from in the future requires foresight, willingness to change, capacities, and technical expertise. Achieving an optimal result requires a high-performing team from all planning and engineering disciplines.

At the same time, such a construction project is a “temporary company” alongside your core business, often comparable in size and complexity to a medium-sized company. For this reason, it is often advisable to bring in a general planner at your side who offers a holistic range of specialist disciplines and is available to you as a single point of contact for all issues around your flagship project.

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Peter Thomé

Managing Director Engineering


Your interdisciplinary partner who takes responsibility

As general planners, we integrate all the necessary specialist disciplines into our interdisciplinary team and are your single contractual partner responsible for the success of your project. We have an experienced team of architects, engineers, project managers and contract specialist planners from our network of the past 25 years. This saves you the effort of managing multiple contractual relationships – with partners who pass responsibility onto each other. Instead, you can focus on your tasks as the owner.

Outsourcing the planning project as a whole is, therefore, often the better decision – if you find a partner you can trust and who can effectively bundle all disciplines in its project structure. We have already successfully proven this capability in well over 60 successfully completed factory construction projects.

For us, success means staying in budget, maintaining deadlines, realizing highest quality, and thereby creating long-term value. As general planners, we assume responsibility and support you as a central point of contact for your construction tasks. In doing so, we coordinate closely and regularly with you and focus on realizing your requirements.


Successful construction projects with
S + P general planning

You have one central point of contact for all questions relating to the realization of you flagship project.
As general planners, we take responsibility for the results of all planning disciplines.
You receive all the planning expertise you need from a single source with a tried and tested team.

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