Global Operations Consulting Services with Dr. Schönheit + Partner

Multinational companies never faced a more complex environment. Once fundamental principles are rewritten in today’s market as the playing cards are shuffled and handed out again. Decision makers need to face challenges such as:

  • Integrating different cultures with local requirements into an overall operations excellence system
  • Increasing the operations efficiency to stay competitive
  • Finding the optimal fit between automation and manual labor even in low wage countries
  • Complying to new legislative requirements in distant sites and with global partners
  • Communicating across different time zones with different cultural backgrounds

Key to ensure not getting lost within this complex environment is to act structured and goal-oriented to be able to develop sustainable solutions. With 25 years of experience in operations consulting in all major branches and for different sized clients, it is our job at Dr. Schönheit + Partner (S + P) to support and guide you on your way with our tried and tested expertise.

Working in integrated teams together with your experts and management we develop holistic concepts for your specific situation. Naturally, we also help you to fully implement the concept within your system. We use our highly adaptive “5 Phase Implementation Framework” starting with analysis and design up to implementation, change and full-scale integration. Depending on the unique project requirements we will choose the optimal type of collaboration. Regardless of the type, fully online, on-site or anything between, S + P will support you with your global operations challenges. Whether this means developing and implementing an operational excellence system, a factory master plan, a global qualification program or diving deep into an efficiency increase of your processes – together we realize operational excellence at the highest level!

Typically, we start a new project with a new customer with an in-depth analysis. As a structure for this, we user our tried and tested Lead to Lean® Assessment. The assessment enables you to compare your company or site to 150 competitors of various sectors to highlight your most urgent potentials for improvement. Afterwards we work together to create, for example, an operational excellence system, a master plan for individual or multiple sites, a rollout plan including initial support for a company-wide qualification initiative, or a sustainable concept for increasing the efficiency of your processes.

Are you also confronted with optimizing your global production network? Are you forced to implement new regulations company-wide? Get in touch with us – together we will tackle your challenges!

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