Graphic Recording with S + P

Who hasn’t experienced it: hours of meetings, pages of PowerPoint presentations, transcripts and meeting minutes. And at the end, a wealth of information is waiting to be reduced to the essentials. Especially with complex topics and processes, it is usually not easy to keep track. Graphic Recording helps to visually record what has been said and to bring it to the attention of the participants.

Dr. Schönheit + Partner (S + P) has been successfully using Graphic Recording in workshops with clients for several years, for example in change processes or the definition of management strategies and visions. S + P’s Graphic Recorder captures the content graphically; conversations or presentations are translated into images and keywords. This is done in real time, usually in large format (flipchart) and visible to all participants. This creates a collective memory of the content in graphic form that is easy to follow. In addition, this graphic documentation provides a greater focus for the participants and can be used as a basis for further visualizations.

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