Heat pumps

In the future, the GEG (German Building Energy Act) will require a 65% regenerative share for new heating systems in residential and non-residential buildings, both for new and for existing buildings. In many areas, this is a challenge that can be met by using heat pumps. The statistics show: More than half of the residential buildings built in 2021 are supplied by heat pumps (German Federal Statistical Office, statistics on construction completions). Heat pumps are also gaining importance in industry and will be a key component of “zero-emissions factories” in the future. This is because the low-CO2 generation of process heat and the use of waste heat in the sense of the circular economy are frequent applications – in addition to the classic areas of application of building heating.

At Dr. Schönheit + Partner, we are constantly learning about new sustainable technologies and architectural solutions to create the greatest added value for our customers. Heat pumps are increasingly becoming the focus of a suitable technology mix for the energy supply of a factory, often applied in combination with photovoltaics and geothermal energy. In this way, climate-neutral heating and cooling supply concepts can be realized. For this purpose, we have developed an ECO System Radar, which we use to select the ideal technical and architectural solutions for our customers and thus support them in taking the decisive step towards a green factory and climate neutrality. With the S + P Energy Design, we additionally help our customers to achieve their sustainability goals and even reduce costs in the process.


Further links

Statistisches Bundesamt (German Federal Statistical Office): Press release on heat pumps in residential buildings (No. 226, June 2, 2022)

Fraunhofer ISE: Heat pumps in the industry

S + P Energy Design: https://dr-schoenheit.de/energydesign/

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