Masterplan for ideal space utilization

The worldwide demand for electronic components is increasing rapidly. Manufacturers have to face this challenge by creating new ways to expand their production capacity. Yet space is limited in developed countries. Under these circumstances, how can manufacturers still be able to grow with restricted space available?

In order to meet the high demand on the market, a global manufacturer of electronic components assigned Dr. Schönheit + Partner (S + P) for the master plan of a new factory on the south coast of England. The individual challenge was to create the greatest possible growth capacity with limited space on a pre-purchased plot of land.

The key to meet this challenge was to double the factory capacity by building a production site with two stories – a concept also used in successful urban production projects. While multi-floored buildings are rather uncommon in western nations, they are state of the art in many Asian countries, in addition to being a successful concept to face the challenges of urban production. Our experts from S + P could rely on the experience they gained while constructing multi-floored buildings in Asia to realize a similar concept for their British costumer. This meant a strong focus on the dimensioning of the lifts and simulation the material flows next to the more usual aspects such as defining the optimal production and logistics processes within the master plan. Additionally, it was important to arrange the different production units (i.e. research and development, manual manufacturing, final assembly and logistics) along a common axis of growth towards the yet undeveloped expansion area of the plot of land to ensure that future growth of every function is possible without a rearrangement of the other units.

Due to the ongoing pandemic the project was executed entirely online. The project team, including the on-site management staff, the parent company’s executives working from the European mainland, the local architects and the consultants from Dr. Schönheit + Partner, was working very closely in regular online meetings in order to develop the individual masterplan. Part of the project was to visit the existing production buildings virtually.

„A typical process, which we usually do on-site together with our customer, was done fully online for this project and was able to generate similar results,“ says Dr. Enrique Garcia Villarreal, Senior Manager at S + P Consulting. „The cooperation with all stakeholders was excellent and we are proud that the master plan will be realized.“

With the S + P master plan the new factory is expected to satisfy the market’s demands at least until 2030. With regard to 2030+ the two-level factory concept ensures that the factory capacity can be doubled yet again on the second still undeveloped part of the plot of land which is already purchased.

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