Plant-on-Demand – secure competitiveness

If you want to produce successfully in high-wage countries like Germany in the long term, you need to focus your processes on flexibility and agility in order to differentiate yourself again and again in rapidly changing market conditions. With our S + P “Plant-on-Demand” concept, we have developed an innovative and systemic approach to making production facilities demand-oriented and highly flexible. This is achieved through modular construction, flexible layouts and the integration of digital technologies in all relevant processes.

The advantages of Plant-on-Demand are obvious: companies can react more quickly to market requirements and introduce new products. The flexibility makes it possible to adjust production capacities as required, resulting in optimal capacity utilization and efficient use of resources. The agility of the system also helps to reduce costs in the long term and increase competitiveness.

The long-term success of our customers is our top priority at Dr. Schönheit + Partner. That is why we recognized the advantages of Plant on Demand early on and successfully align the design of our factories accordingly. The top management of the companies plays a decisive role in the implementation of the concept. Through clear statements and targeted measures, they set the course for success:

🔄 Agility is not just a buzzword, but a lived principle. It requires a willingness to act quickly and adapt to new circumstances.

🧩 Flexibility means that production systems can adapt effortlessly to changing requirements.

💡 Innovative strength is at the heart of every successful production. Top management must promote innovation and create space for creative ideas.

🖼️ Framework conditions, both at political and corporate level, must support entrepreneurship and investment.

🤖 Digitalization: Advancing digitalization offers enormous potential for optimizing production processes and opening up new business areas.

👫 People: Despite all the technological advances, we must not lose sight of people: Attracting talent, investing in employee training and development and promoting a corporate culture that encourages innovation. The combination of people and technology is ultimately the key to success.

At our “Industry of Future” event, we asked participants from the top management of manufacturing companies about strategy, transformation tasks and the success factors for sustainable production in Germany. The results show that the flexibility of manufacturing and delivery processes plays a particularly important role for sustainable success in high-wage countries in order to be able to react quickly and resiliently to changes in customer demand.

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