New construction of a future factory

Hegwein GmbH,  Korntal-Münchingen, Germany

Huelsenberg Holding GmbH & Co. KG selected Dr. Schönheit + Partner for the planning and realization of the Hegwein factory of the future. Within 15 months, the new factory building was constructed at the new site in Korntal-Münchingen near Stuttgart, which houses the value stream-oriented production as well as logistics and administration. The functional areas are integrated both functionally and visually in such a way that space can be used flexibly, workflows are efficient and people are the most important resource in the processes.

Tasks and objectives

Hegwein decided to build a new factory in order to make the production flow more efficient, increase employee satisfaction and strengthen the company's competitiveness and future viability. Hegwein used the innovative "S + P Integrated" planning approach to design its factory of the future. This approach combines factory structure planning based on lean management, in which work processes are optimized, with building and grounds planning by S + P industrial architects: Lean management meets corporate architecture. The result is an individual industrial architecture tailored to Hegwein that takes into account the defined processes and products.

Approach and solutions

On the basis of the factory structure planning carried out by S + P, the Hegwein factory of the future was built on the approx. 11,000 m² site in Korntal-Münchingen on schedule in just 15 months. With a gross floor area of more than 4,200 m², the building houses the functional areas of production, logistics and administration. Architecturally, this is already evident in the building's façade: the modern entrance design with a full-height console in the company's yellow color emphasizes the integration of the various company areas in one building. The minimalist use of walls and columns ensures that the space is highly adaptable to the user. The generous use of windows allows a view of the production and office areas from each floor.


Hegwein is an important part of the DURAG Group and has been a specialist in the field of gas and oil ignition burners as well as gas burners for industrial applications for over 70 years.

After the start of production in our new factory of the future, the advantages of the integrated solution of factory structure planning with customized industrial architecture from S + P became apparent. The targeted production flow from goods receipt to dispatch, adapted to Hegwein's requirements, ensures efficient production of our individual items and small batches. The bright and friendly rooms in production and administration with a modern, open office structure contribute significantly to employee satisfaction and, in particular, to the overall quality of work.

KPIs at a glance

10,800 m²

Floor space

4,200 m²

Gross floor area

15 months

Construction time

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