Plant expansion during ongoing operation

PROBAT AG, Emmerich, Germany

The PROBAT GO factory of the future at the Emmerich site was completed in just two years. The 4,900 m² new building and the conversion of the 13,000 m² existing area for production and logistics are based on the future-proof factory concept that the specialists from Dr Schönheit + Partner developed and subsequently implemented for the world’s leading manufacturer of coffee roasting machines and systems. The completion of the future factory was not only more than two weeks ahead of the planned completion date, but also well below the specified investment volume.

Tasks and objectives

The site was to be made fit for the future with economically, ecologically and socially orientated production. The basis for the PROBAT factory of the future is the factory structure planning previously carried out by Dr. Schönheit + Partner, which envisages a process-oriented factory design with an optimum arrangement of production and organisational areas. Adaptable structures and sufficient expansion areas should enable future growth.

Procedure and solutions

Based on the overall target image for the site and the existing processes, the target layout was developed, i.e. the optimum arrangement of the machines and systems as well as the logistics, and only then was the architecturally high-quality "building envelope" designed. This planning "from the inside out" ensures the optimum utilisation of the building.  

Even the façade of the new production hall sets new standards in the design of the PROBAT factory of the future. The panels, whose colour was chosen to match the corporate design, have two different degrees of gloss. This results in different reflections depending on the time of day and weather conditions and gives the façade a lively appearance. Floor-to-ceiling windows, fully glazed doors and roof light strips ensure a high level of transparency and natural light within the hall, in addition to the installed LED lighting. The production-related administration area integrated into the hall is also fitted with floor-to-ceiling windows to create a link between the administration on the first floor and the production area at ground level. The process planning provides for logistics and the small parts warehouse in the centre of the production hall. This ensures short distances to the various production areas. Special soundproofing measures and the perspectives of the routes, which always provide a view to the outside at the end, ensure a pleasant working atmosphere. 

In addition to the newly built production hall, the conversion work on the neighbouring existing buildings for production and logistics began in August 2021: the entire media supply and the floors were renewed and the façade was fitted with new windows. The conversion of the 13,000 m² existing area was carried out during ongoing production operations, with the experienced specialists from S + P ensuring the efficiency of the processes and architecture in every expansion stage. 


PROBAT has been producing roasting machines and systems for the coffee processing industry in Emmerich am Rhein for more than 150 years and is the world market leader in this field.

KPIs at a glance

17,900 m²

Gross floor area

4,900 m² + 13,000 m²


<2 years

Construction time

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