Dr. Schönheit + Partner planned and accompanied the new construction and conversion of the production and logistics halls

The total construction time of the new building and the revitalization of the existing building for production with attached production-related administration and break area for PROBAT AG (PROBAT) at the Emmerich site, Germany, was just over 2 years. Around 3 weeks before the scheduled completion date, on August 25, 2022, the overall acceptance and handover to the client PROBAT took place. The 4,900 m² new building as well as the conversion of the 13,000 m² existing area are based on the future-oriented factory concept of the consulting and planning company Dr. Schönheit + Partner Consulting Engineering (S + P), which the in-house specialists from the areas of factory planning, architecture and project control developed and subsequently implemented for the world’s leading manufacturer of coffee roasting machines and systems. The PROBAT GO future factory’s completion was not only more than 2 weeks ahead of the planned final date, but also significantly undercut the fixed investment volume of a total of 40 million euros.

For more than 150 years PROBAT in Emmerich, Germany, has been producing roasting machines and plants for the coffee processing industry. With an economically, ecologically and socially oriented production, the site is to be made fit for the future. The basis for the PROBAT factory of the future is the factory structure planning carried out by S + P, which provides for a process-oriented factory design with optimum arrangement of the production and organizational areas. Changeable structures and sufficient expansion areas are to enable future growth. Based on the overall target for the site and the existing processes, the target layout was developed, i.e. the optimum arrangement of machinery and equipment as well as logistics, and only then was the “building envelope” designed. This planning “from the inside out” ensures the optimal use of the building.

The facade of the new production hall already sets new standards in the design of the PROBAT factory of the future. The panels, whose color was chosen in line with the corporate design, have two different degrees of gloss. This results in different reflections depending on the time of day and weather conditions and gives the facade a lively appearance. Floor-to-ceiling windows, fully glazed doors and roof light strips provide high transparency and natural light inside the hall, in addition to the installed LED lighting. The administration area, which is integrated into the hall close to the production area, is also equipped with floor-to-ceiling windows to create a connection between the administration on the 1st floor and the production at ground level. The process planning provides for logistics and the small parts warehouse in the heart of the production hall. This ensures short distances to the various production areas. A pleasant working atmosphere is ensured, among other things, by special soundproofing measures and the perspectives of the walkways, which always provide a view to the outside.

In addition to the newly built production hall, the conversion measures on the adjacent existing buildings for production and logistics began in August 2021: the complete media supply as well as the floors were renewed and the facade was equipped with newly installed windows. The conversion of the 13,000 m² existing area took place during ongoing operations, with the experienced specialists from S + P ensuring the cost-effectiveness of the processes and architecture at every stage of expansion.

“We broke new ground with the construction of our PROBAT GO factory. Our factory planner designed the factory of the future from the inside out, before its architects started with the factory design. The result is a factory that prepares us for the industrial future in a competitive, ecological and adaptable way,” says Wim Abbing, President & CEO, PROBAT. “Moreover, the fact that our factory was completed ahead of schedule and under the approved budget speaks for the success of this project, for which we express our great gratitude to Dr. Schönheit + Partner as well as to the general contractor Schmeing Holding GmbH.”

“With the construction of this sustainably oriented, modern manufacturing facility, we are also setting an international benchmark in our core markets, as it reflects the constantly increasing quality demands of customers on our products and services,” explains Rainer Rinke, Executive Vice President Operations, PROBAT. “In addition, the PROBAT Future Factory empathises our company’s claim to be an employer with strong future prospects in the competition for the region’s best talents.”

“Our goal was to develop the new building and the revitalization in the existing building as a cohesive whole, with the highest standards of industrial, economic and ecological production. With a clear structure, high flexibility and improved climate footprint, the PROBAT GO Future Factory now offers all the prerequisites for competitiveness as a German plant manufacturer on the global market,” says Dr. Martin Schönheit, managing partner, Dr. Schönheit + Partner Consulting Engineering.

“The structure of the production and logistics areas as well as the production-related administration is consistently open from the inside to the outside. It is the final result of 2/3 existing building and 1/3 new building after a construction period of just over 2 years in the ongoing process,” says Peter Thomé, managing director and architect, Dr. Schönheit + P. Engineering GmbH. “After the revitalization of the existing building, the production hall as a whole appears as if it was cast from a single mold across all areas.”

Lively facade design of the new PROBAT production hall (Source: Dr. Schönheit + Partner)

PROBAT production hall in a uniform, reduced color scheme and with plenty of natural light (Source: Dr. Schönheit + Partner)

Integrated administration close to production, with high transparency and connection to the ground-level production area through floor-to-ceiling windows (Source: Dr. Schönheit + Partner)

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