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Construction projects in production and logistics often experience a high level of change dynamics. They are strongly characterized by the degree of dependency between the many disciplines involved. The change in the production program and the production system in the project have a direct impact on floor space requirements. The new floor space requirements put both architecture and utilities planning before complex planning tasks. Here it is important to ensure the profitability and quality of the project. Highly-demanded industries often have to expand their project tasks, other industries have to change the course of their projects in another direction or work out a timeframe for a “more reliable assessment of the new situation”.

This is where the S + P project check-up comes in. With our INTEGRATED planning approach, which consists of the areas PROJECT MANAGEMENT, FACTORY PLANNING, ARCHITECTURE, and LEAN CONSULTING and the experience from more than 700 projects worldwide, we analyze your project with all major specialist disciplines. We describe the new task holistically and outline a new path for your project together with you.

Previously, our project check-up was only available on site. We are now offering a remote model to provide you with our full range of services regardless of location. We summarize the results of our analysis of the individual areas for you and present the overall result to you in an online meeting. We will show you potential and initial solutions. You decide whether to implement this with your existing planning team or to add some of our disciplines to your team.

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We coordinate the required specific content of your project check-ups with you individually. Below you will find a description of our services.


Project management check-up

We analyze the commissioned scope of all planners involved in the project, their planning results, and contract situation. This is the basis for dealing fairly and in partnership with changes in the project.

Next, with the help of our planning experts from architecture and factory planning, we evaluate the current level of performance in your project:

  • What plans are there and are they complete? Are the services billed?
  • Are the cost estimates available in the required depth and are they provided with a realistic opportunity / risk assessment?
  • What is the current project schedule and where does the project actually stand?

As a project manager, we give you a realistic view of your project in the areas of contracts, quality, costs and deadlines.


Factory planning check-up

We use our expertise from 23 years of factory planning and implementation to evaluate the needs and the underlying dimensioning of the factory. Here we start with the production program:

  • Have fundamental market parameters changed since the planning?
  • Have logistic and production systematic framework conditions been assumed that are no longer valid?

Factory planning questions the basics and shows potential in rooms, structure, and floor space as well as all cost-driving factors of the project as a whole.


Architecture check-up

In line with factory planning, our architects start their plausibility checks with their core competence of “industrial construction planning”. These can range from the property parameters, to the proportions of areas (economy and budget compliance with the planning) to the architectural quality. An overview of planning opportunities and risks (e.g. building site, foundation, degree of coordination of planning) yields further important results.

Once the basics of factory planning are in place and the first potential emerges, the architects evaluate options for space optimization or for additional space requirements. In particular, we include an analysis of the planned office structures to show organizational optimizations, such as modern office concepts and space potential.


Energy design check up

As experienced energy designers, we can also analyze the planned technical building equipment (utilities). The focus is initially on the utilities planning status achieved and the assessment of whether the planning is coordinated with the other specialist plans.

As an integrated factory planner, we can also analyze and evaluate the consistency and future viability of process and utilities planning as a major added value:

  • Has cooling been planned in areas with measuring machines?
  • Have sufficient plugs been planned for assembly?

In addition, we check the sustainability and the Green Building degree of planning:

  • Has “only” the Energy Saving Ordinance (EnEV) complied with?
  • Has the potential for waste heat and excess energy use been raised?
  • Is there potential for the use of renewable energies that are still dormant in the project?

We bring these results to your attention in a simple form: an energy flow matrix and an overall energy balance show the planned state and potential.

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