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Shaping your strategic future

The competitiveness of manufacturing companies is increasingly affected by rising energy costs, skills shortages, or disrupted supply chains. The resulting complexity often leads to a proliferation of projects and initiatives with little focus – operational actionism drives day-to-day business. At the same time, executives struggle to provide a big picture to guide their employees. According to recent studies, 85% of executives spend less than an hour per month discussing strategy, and as a result, more than 60% of strategies are not successfully implemented.

In times of change, a holistic plan with actionable strategies is more important than ever. With a sustainable vision (big picture) and strategic alignment of projects, you can lead your team and ensure your sustained competitive advantage. In this way, you can actively shape the future of your company, rather than being driven by operational actionism. This is what we consider shaping your strategic future.

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Enrico Schönheit

Director Business Development


Clear strategy, planned actions, motivated people

We are facing major changes and disruptions. Only a future-oriented vision (big picture) and a consistent focus of strategic projects enable an efficient leader. Leading should not mean commanding but guiding towards a goal.

With our help, you can define your strategy, align your strategic activities, and thereby secure a sustainable competitive advantage. Throughout the development process, we make sure that your strategy remains clear, simple, and understandable to all employees. After all, they are the ones who implement it on a daily basis.

S + P Strategy Consulting

Our holistic approach to your strategy

We support you holistically in your transformation process, from the systematic assessment of the status quo to the development of a clear vision (big picture). From this vision, we derive functional or company-wide strategies. Our approach is called “leading towards simplicity”. As a leader, you are responsible for leading the people in your organization with clear and understandable strategies and enable joint implementation:

1. Lead-to-Lean® Assessment

How does your manufacturing compare?

Put your operations to the test with our Lead-to-Lean® Assessment and benchmark your system against more than 200 manufacturing companies worldwide. The one- or two-day assessment will tell you where you stand in the international manufacturing comparison. You will also receive precise instructions on how to change your trajectory and management systems. Our approach is based on tangible values that take into account cultural differences in management. See what your team is made of!

2. Operational Due Diligence

Where to start?

Use operational due diligence to create transparency around potential value levers in your operations. This enables you to identify the right areas for action for your company as well as for potential acquisition targets. With our systematic due diligence approach, we support you in making forward-looking business decisions in M&A processes or in your strategic alignment. Our results provide the basis for risk assessment and purchase price determination of acquisition targets. The core premise is to increase your long-term enterprise value by systematically evaluating operational value levers.

3. Strategic master planning for your manufacturing site

How are you repositioning?

Evaluate your existing manufacturing footprint based on your business plan. Whether you are planning for growth or consolidating your production program, your operational structures should be able to support these plans in the most cost-effective manner. Through our Footprint Assessment, we provide a holistic evaluation of your company’s future viability, taking into account growth capability and process optimization. Together, we assess how much growth can be accommodated within the existing structure, where expansion can be realized, or which plants need to consolidated in the future.

4. Business plan validation

How likely is success?

Validate the operational feasibility of your business plan and identify additional optimization levers. With our objective evaluation method and our experience from over 800 process optimization projects, we provide support for creditor assessments (Independent Business Review) or strategic future planning.

5. Operational excellence strategy

How do you implement your operations strategy?

Develop an operations strategy that is tailored to you and enables you to manage your operations holistically. Using the big picture as a North Star to guide your actions, we work with you to develop an optimal operational strategy with prioritized action plan.

6. Leadership system / executive coaching

How do motivate and guide your team?

Support the implementation of your strategic planning with a goal- and KPI-based leadership system. Together we develop a big picture and derive the most relevant metrics for your leadership system. The S+P trainers will coach your managers on a case-by-case basis and help them to develop a successful leadership system.


The way forward in 4 steps

Our approach follows a proven process but remains completely open to your individual company situation and needs. This allows us to fully grasp the complexity and individuality of your company.


Systematic analysis of the status quo as a basis for decision making.

Big Picture

Development of a big picture and a vision


Derivation of the strategy and selection of key activities

04 Implementation

Implementing the strategy with a KPI-based management system

Added value

Things are moving forward!
Your goal is within reach

The objective basis for your most pressing future decisions

As an objective sparring partner, we analyze the initial situation and question the prevailing opinions. For example, doubling revenue does not mean double space needs.
Individually tailored recommendations and solutions

Together, we develop nuanced strategies and plans, not shying away from challenging tasks such as revitalization during ongoing operations.
Sustainable implementation success through focused strategies.

With a clear mission and focused strategies, we work together to create sustainable value in implementation, such as implementing a capacity expansion well below budget (-€17 million).
Your success is measurable

19 days less lead time, 42 percent increase in on-time delivery: These are just a few examples of the values we have been able to measure in the follow-up to our projects. Much of this was due to improved management.

Beyond Strategy Consulting

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