The future belongs to the most uncreative creative people

Especially in complex planning phases, analytical, solution-oriented thinking is required. It is an important factor in achieving the goal within all relevant specifications and with planning reliability. An equally important factor for successful projects is creativity.

Surveys conducted within the scope of our project work have shown that less than 5% of participants report the active use of effective creativity methods in processes. At the same time, 99% expressed the wish for increased use.

Whether method training for management, innovation department or product management, the development of innovative business models or target group-oriented communication – so that employees can efficiently and creatively bring their specialist expertise into a project, we have developed a valuable tool: tailor-made creativity workshops. Systemic assistance, with which creativity can not only be released with pleasure in the future, but can also be strengthened in the right place and used to create value.

We use various methods to promote creative thinking, depending on the respective application, the topic and objective and the size of the group. We plan creativity workshops with the most suitable methods.

Don’t hesitate to contact us. So that your employees can drive the future forward not only with technical expertise but also with creativity.

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