Operational Excellence


Continuously improving the right way:
Systematic process optimization

The dynamics of supplier-, sales-, and labor markets are at an all-time high, forcing companies to constantly reposition themselves as a result of resource constraints, market shifts, and price fluctuations.

The pressure to adapt to disruptive technologies and changing social values, as well as the need to deal with the effects of global crises, can sometimes make us feel like we are simply running behind.

We know this dilemma. When short-term needs drive change rather than your long-term planning, your leadership role can become one of constant crisis management.

In practice, we also observe this in well lead companies, which often find themselves in a struggle between eliminating operational urgency and the necessary development of long-term operational resilience.

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The way out of the trade-off:
Operational Excellence

Operational Excellence successfully addresses both of these issues, providing you with a system for dealing with problems that need to be solved in the short term.

At the same time, it provides the foundation and framework for the long-term optimization of all processes and systems, as well as the organization of the operational business units.

You are not alone in this transformation. The experienced teams at Dr. Schönheit + Partner will support you in designing a demand-driven operational organization and value-based processes. While operations are running, our teams design a change process that is characterized by cooperation and active participation. Intensive analysis, targeted concepts, practice-oriented training and holistic implementation ensure sustainable implementation and resilient structures and processes.

S + P Operational Excellence Consulting

Our offer for continuous improvement

Our offering consists of proven and tested methods that support you step by step on your path towards Operational Excellence. Based on a holistic operations strategy, we jointly derive concrete measures and support you in their efficient implementation.

1. Operational strategy and operational excellence system

What is your big picture?

In the first step, you work with us to develop your vision, mission, goals and strategy. From this, we derive realistic and concrete actions. Implementing an appropriate, needs-based Operations Excellence System is the first step toward a more successful future.

2. Process and organization design

How do you design flexible yet robust processes to turn your vision of Operational Excellence into reality?

We provide a toolbox of methods to help you analyze and improve all of your organization's processes, leverage best practices, and follow proven paths to engage and empower your people. Our methodologies incorporate experience from all of our businesses, allowing for a holistic view from multiple perspectives.

3. Experiential change in the learning workshop.

How can you be sure that the change will work?

In the “learning workshop” format, we select reference areas in production, logistics, or administration. Here, you implement limited measures quickly and easily - and check the results for success in the short-term using defined KPIs. In this way, you receive feedback quickly and directly from practice on the effects and benefits of the tested change. The result of the learning workshop is a process or a defined standard that is ready for rollout.

4. Training on lean methods for your employees

Who can be a promoter of change in your organization?

In order to turn your idea of Operational Excellence into reality, your employees need the appropriate methodological knowledge. We impart this knowledge in our own academy. In the S+P Academy, those involved in the process are trained in didactic steps that build on each other: They learn the theoretical basics of a method, design the application in a business game designed for your company and apply their knowledge in the first steps of operational practice under our guidance.


Excellence means work that will pay off

We are your partner for concept and practice: On the one hand, we support you in the comprehensive transformation of your operations unit; on the other hand, we accompany you in selective changes within your process, system and organizational landscape.

In close partnership with you and your employees, we ensure that goals are set and achieved, coordinate measures, and implement them together with your experts. With a holistic view and goal-oriented project management, we pave your way to sustainable operational excellence.


The 5 phases of an OpEx project

We don’t create blueprints, we empower you to identify, describe and achieve your own goals in a process designed to last – big and small. Our collaborative approach consists of 5 phases:

01 Strategy

Describing the strategic framework and defining business goals as the basis for all actions

02 Analysis

Creating transparency about the status quo and identifying relevant areas for action to achieve the agreed goals

03 Design

Definition of the target state, development of an implementation plan and determination of "SMART" target parameters for evaluation

04 Implemen-tation

Pragmatic application and testing of all measures according to the implementation plan and critical evaluation

05 Change

Optimization of measures and implementation of a holistic rollout, including empowerment of all affected employees

Together we move faster: We support you during the implementation with individual project management and enable all participants to master the change on their own.

Added value

Hello future: You are and remain operationally optimally positioned

Consistent pursuing your goals

We work with you to design a goal-oriented organization that is prepared for the short- and long-term challenges of your production processes - including the developed operations system.
Consistent alignment

Everyone understands the purpose of what they do. With an agile approach, it becomes easier to respond to external changes with internal adaptations, increasing productivity even under changing conditions.
Consistent improvement

With a continuous improvement process, you build resilience to disruptions. As a result, you maintain and increase the value of your enterprise.
Consistent collaboration

Your people are your most important asset - they carry the change. With training, learning workshops, and active change management, we strengthen the role and competence of your people.
The Holistic View

Beyond Operational Excellence

Vision + Prioritization
Software + Process
Energy + Circularity
Factory Planning
Structure + Technology
Supply Chain Management
Material + Logistics
Master Planning
Planning + Transformation
Human + Structure
Project Steering
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