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Your new flagship factory – can you realize it?
The answer lies in good project management.

You know that the only way to achieve your strategic goals is with a major project: a new factory. Realizing this is a decision that requires courage and foresight, because you are investing a lot: your money, your time, and your planning capacity imposing a temporary double burden – after all, existing production must continue. On top of that you as developer are confronted with extremely high requirements when it comes to sustainability, cost efficiency, timing and digitalization. All have to be incorporated and implemented at the same time. A large number of project stakeholders and strict legal requirements make the task even more complicated.

A construction project is often considered a “temporary company” alongside your core business, as it is comparable in volume and complexity to a mid-sized business. Similar to a company this construction project requires good management to be successful. Our project steering team brings this quality to the table with the necessary technical expertise and a steady management hand for its complex project management.

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Trust enables success – bundling the necessary expertise ensures it

Companies that are active in factory construction can probably manage their own construction or restructuring projects in addition to their day-to-day business. All others are well advised to bring in experts. After all, the learning curve is rarely so steep that your own resources bring themselves up to speed to bring such a complex undertaking to a quick and smooth conclusion. Time is a major cost factor in construction – and in-house specialists are already fully occupied with their day-to-day business.

Outsourcing the entire project is therefore often a beneficial option – especially if you find a partner you can trust and who can effectively bundle the required expertise in its project structure. This is what we do – and what we have successfully implemented in well over 60 construction projects. For us, success is defined by maintaining agreed budgets, staying on schedule, and delivering highest quality. We take over project steering and support you in all delegable client tasks. We coordinate closely and regularly with you and always focus on your core requirements.

S + P Project Steering

5 factors for a successful construction project

Our long-standing experience in international construction projects shows that project steering is required as an independent competency. Building these up in-house is usually uneconomical given the one-time nature of such an undertaking. Our integrated team of architects, engineers and experienced project managers gives your project a structure where roles are clearly defined and everyone works closely together to achieve the goal.

1. Agile project steering

As the project manager, we take on the role of the developer by reporting, advising and coordinating the construction or renovation activities in your plant. We structure the project and monitor the progress towards set project goals of time, cost and quality. We provide your own project management with transparent, condensed information on the project status, risks and areas for action at all times. You benefit from our interdisciplinary, specialized know-how in architecture, factory planning and consulting, which we use not only to manage projects, but also to increase their success.

2. Subsidy consulting

Some projects only become economically viable with the right subsidies. As an integrated planners and consultants, we support you from the planning to the realization of your project with respect to current subsidy schemes - because especially in the areas of sustainability, digitalization and competition between locations, considerable sums of money are allocate by local fiscus, and can thereby contribute to your success. Our experts identify subsidy opportunities, compare public programs, assist you in applying for these schemes, and monitor the success of your project through to payment and use of funds.

3. Technical expertise

Do you need an expert who can provide you with strategic and technical advice in a specific matter of your construction project? We also offer support as an separated service for specific issues based on years of industry experience: with holistic expertise in project management or by bringing in selected individual experts from our Architecture and Factory Planning division.

4. General contractor management

Especially in medium-sized and large construction projects, complex project tasks are awarded to general contractors (GCs) as a third partner alongside the developer and the planning team. In the course of the project, the general contractor usually implements his own interests in the implementation planning in such a way that the construction process is as cost-effective as possible for him. Dr. Schönheit + Partner offers you, as the developer, support in the management of this general contractor in the form of commercial and technical supervision as a separate service. We act as a guardian of your interests, especially with regard to the required quality: We organize the supplementary management (costs), check the invoices, the construction progress (deadlines) and evaluate the deviating design proposals of the general contractor (risks). In the event of change requests, we realistically assess the general contractor's requirements in terms of effort, cost and impact on the schedule and negotiate these to avoid compromises in quality.

5. Project moderation

A holistic technical understanding in all required planning discipline is a major plus for every moderator, even if they have to remain neutral when it comes to decisions and opinion-forming. This is where our experienced project managers offer their target guiding expertise in a wide range of project situations - also as an individual service in projects in which we are not otherwise involved. Your added value is created by streamlining and accelerating the project, in which we enable key stakeholders to perform at their best on the one hand and lead them to a balance of interests and binding cooperation on the other - in the interests of the success of your project.


Agile steering, bundling competencies, keeping your eyes on the goal

Our experienced project management experts accompany your project from the joint development of the project goals to the successful completion of your construction project. We support you in all phases and provide you with a constant overview: with regular and event-driven reports on project status, risks and areas for action. Quick thinking, careful planning, clear communication and flexible handling are the qualities with which our project managers ensure added value for you. They take a systematic approach:

01 Guardrails

Definition of project objectives (quality, costs, deadline) as a guideline

02 Structure

Setting up a systematic project and communication structure

03 Steering

Comprehensive support and control of the project progress in cooperation with your internal project team, both in the planning and execution phase


The flagship project is realized - and it works as planned

It's the result that counts.

In close collaboration with you we clearly define the quality targets and planning interfaces. These targets remain our focus - whether for new construction projects or the revitalization of existing buildings.
The budget is maintained.

Holistic and realistic cost management is a decisive success factor. We support you from the start to the end of the project - and in favorable cases even realize at lower than budgeted investments.
Your building is finished on time.

To ensure that the project aligns with your milestones, we jointly develop a realistic schedule. It is not unusual for our projects to be completed ahead of schedule, even if they are implemented during ongoing operations.
The team collaborates.

A central, digital project space bundles all tasks and supports the project structure. Agile processes that work towards the goal create results. We involve stakeholders at an early stage and provide transparency.
The Holistic view

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