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Global warming is making the consequences of reckless economic activity ever clearer to us: emissions, resource depletion and lack of material cycles have led to a global, multifaceted, permanent crises. More and more companies are recognizing that the economy is only a subsystem of ecology and that change is urgently needed. Production models at the expense of livelihoods will soon have no future.

Climate targets and legal requirements, rapidly rising prices for energy and raw materials reflect the economic reality that companies have to face. This creates uncertainty and means a painful departure from previous business incentives. Management must find answers to the following questions

  • How to implement a sustainability strategy?
  • How can energy costs be reduced in the short, medium and long term?
  • How can sites, processes and logistics be made carbon neutral?
  • What are the investment and operating costs of renewable energy generation?
  • What business models are available to make the company’s energy system both economical and carbon neutral?

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Matthias Däumler

Director Factory Planning


Sustainability benefits everyone

We work with you to take a holistic view of sustainability. We assess the status quo and develop a vision for your sustainability strategy.

With our years of experience as consultants and planners for future-proved factories, we can help you with the development of your green factory by optimizing your energy design and developing building properties eligible for subsidies.

We work with you to create a technology mix for energy generation, storage and use. The synchronization of energy producers and consumers promotes the efficiency of your energy flows.

We also identify your operational potential to improve overall energy efficiency – in production, logistics, and buildings – and work with you to define a roadmap for realizing that potential. This gives you all the tools you need to implement resource savings in a structured way, reduce your costs, and contribute to environmental and climate protection at the same time.

S + P Sustainability Consulting

3 services for energy efficient management

Within the framework of our sustainability projects, we analyze and optimize your company with a thematic focus on energy flows, which are usually the decisive parameter in production. In this way, we come significantly closer to the goal of sustainable management in three logically consecutive steps.

1. Sustainability Assessment

Where do you stand and where can you go from here?

In a one-day assessment, you will learn in detail about your company's status quo in the areas of environment, energy and sustainability. The assessment of the current status and future strategic direction is based on defined benchmarks in the areas of energy, resources, sustainability, innovation, location and society.

2. Energy Design

How do you achieve optimal energy use?

Your business objectives, regulatory framework, and technical and geographic feasibility are key factors in determining the target energy design. We begin by developing a common and comprehensive understanding of your current and future energy needs. Based on this, we develop scenarios for your future energy generation - always taking into account security of supply, economic viability and sustainability. The insights gained are used to evaluate possible target technologies, which are summarized in your target energy architecture. Based on a target energy mix, you can derive concrete investment measures. We take into account public funding opportunities for your project.

3. Energy Generation Business Model

What are the opportunities for generating your own power?

In most cases, generating energy to meet some or all of your needs is a worthwhile endeavor. We work out the most suitable business model for you, taking into account technical performance parameters, legal frameworks, and ownership and lease relationships. We evaluate different alternatives according to your target system in terms of flexibility, profitability, investment risk and operating costs, support you in preparing the decision and advise you comprehensively up to the conclusion of the contract with all parties involved. Benefit from the knowledge and experience of our experts and get the most out of your project!


Understand, assess, select and implement

We work with you to develop a vision for your sustainability strategy and the energy design of the future for your business. We start by developing a common, holistic understanding of all the energy flows in your organization. On this basis, we create your current energy architecture, identify the fields of action for the future orientation of your energy design and evaluate the possible target technologies.

The results are summarized in your individual target energy architecture, from which we derive economic and sustainable measures for the systematic implementation of future investments. As part of this process, we also examine the possibilities for obtaining government subsidies.

The realization of the target energy design is based on a jointly developed step-by-step plan, the selection of the appropriate specialist planners and the initiation of a change process. We guide you from system analysis through design to the implementation of your energy savings potential – so you can maximize the potential of your energy efficiency initiative.


Shared, holistic understanding | Assessment of status quo and future direction for sustainability | Explore funding options


Evaluation and selection of technical and organizational solutions | Target energy architecture with all relevant energy flows and future technologies | Proof of economic viability


Step-by-step plan for implementation | Selection and coordination of users, providers, energy suppliers and specialist planners | Energy efficiency initiative

Added value

Sustainability means the ability to act

As an objective sparring partner, we analyze the starting position and question the status quo.
We measure CO₂ emissions in all relevant areas and work with you to develop a path to long-term carbon neutrality.
With systematic energy monitoring, we create transparency about your energy flows and consumption points. You will identify meaningful areas for action and technologies - now and in the future.
By reducing your energy consumption, you will immediately realize cost savings. Your employees can take on new roles in an energy efficiency program through targeted training.
The government not only requires you, but also encourages you. We can show you which path is best for you, depending on the technology and the state.
The Holistic View

Beyond Sustainability

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Operational Excellence
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Supply Chain Management
Material + Logistics
Master Planning
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