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Pressure to grow or consolidate, rapid technological progress in the face of international competition, continuing resource shortages, increasing demands on product quality, sustainability and environmental compatibility, labor shortages and market concentration: these are the key drivers of change in production.  

Anyone who wants to help shape this change and ensure business success must meet these challenges with strategic and operational excellence initiatives, for example. The key is to simplify and optimize processes – and empower people to implement and live by them. Adopting lean management practices provides the opportunity to do both and sustain success.  

Lean Management makes the complexity of production more manageable and controllable – and it goes hand in hand with profound changes: structural, cultural, methodological. The S+P Academy is aimed at all those who are responsible for creating change and its implementation. In four qualification levels, we qualify Lead to Lean® Coaches and teach you to fulfill your leadership role. 

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Lead to Lean®:
How to make the optimum a permanent state

Making value creation holistically efficient: This is a challenge that goes far beyond the duration of a project. Only when the Lean principles, methods and procedures are anchored in the employees themselves, will optimization itself become a living process, from a static goal to a dynamic path.  

At the S + P Academy, your employees acquire graduated competencies up to certified Lead to Lean® coaches. This is a high-quality and recognized qualification that has already proven itself more than 1,500 times in the successful implementation of operational excellence systems. Your employees develop their skills, gain new perspectives and expand their career opportunities – and become part of our Lead to Lean® network. 

A Lead to Lean® Coach acquires the following competencies: 

  • Apply lean methods 
  • Lead change management projects 
  • Play a central role in implementing lean principles in your organization 

The learning environment is ideally suited to your technical and managerial staff: 

  • Training sizes: We form small groups of 2-10 participants to ensure personal attention. 
  • Group of participants: Individual training in mixed groups (e.g. with executives from other companies) or exclusive training with your own participants are possible. 
  • Training location: Both virtual and face-to-face courses are available. We adapt to your needs. 

Step by step to the right level of competence

Our concept is based on four successive levels of competence. Each level has a practical focus and enables the acquisition of competencies in a clearly defined area of application. The Bronze, Silver and Gold levels can also be booked as individual qualification modules. The highest level, Platinum, leads to certification as a Lead to Lean® Coach. 

Bronze – Lead to Lean® Basic

Objective: Learn the basics to master the fundamentals of the Lean system 

  • Lean Foundation / Value Walk: Method to differentiate and identify value creation and waste (8 Muda) – maximize value creation
  • 5S: Method for organizing and structuring workplaces in five steps and for optimizing work processes – more than just tidying up
  • Visual Management: Visual and auditory support of operational processes to make them simple and transparent – the eye controls the factory
  • Shopfloor Management: Goal- and solution-oriented communication between different functional areas on the shop floor – management directly at the point of value creation

Silver – Lead to Lean® Advanced

Goal: Extend Lead to Lean® qualification, understand and improve processes more easily 

  • Problem Solving/PDCA Cycle: Systematic process for identifying causes and solving problems and weaknesses in the long term – eliminating the cause of the problem
  • Value Stream Analysis and Design: Analysis of complex production processes and their efficient design taking into account customer needs – keeping the customer in focus
  • Balancing: Balancing production and lead times between steps in an overall process based on customer needs – everything is in motion
  • Lean Logistics: Designing effective and efficient processes for the synchronized and flow-oriented provision of materials and information – the values of logistics 
  • Workplace design: Ensuring a work environment that meets needs, is ergonomic, and is conducive to performance – designing an optimal work environment

Gold – Lead to Lean® Expert

Goal: Specialize in the methods learned and develop the skills to lead in the lean system 

  • Project Management: Planning, organizing, securing, managing, and controlling projects to ensure that goals are achieved – managing projects successfully 
  • Change Management: Processes, tools, and techniques for actively managing people through change – managing change actively 
  • Team work: Methods for defining, developing, and managing a successful team to accomplish a task – everyone contributes
  • Total Productive Maintenance (TPM): System for stabilizing and improving the efficiency of machines and equipment – increasing Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE)
  • SMED: Structured approach to analyze and reduce setup time and effort – increase machine uptime

Platinum – Lead to Lean® Coach

Objective: Experience and competence in individual coaching programs – proven implementation experience in at least 2 methods 

We support participants in training their colleagues and confirm their track record of  implementation experience in at least 2 methods from the Bronze to Gold levels. 

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Summary for participants:
Your Value at a Glance

Our Academy’s Lead to Lean® Coach training is designed for anyone who wants to successfully change their organization for the better. The qualification is particularly suitable for you if you take on a role as a coach, multiplier, facilitator or similar within your Operational Excellence system. Many managers also use the training to better position themselves for their role in the change process. 

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