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The digital revolution is sweeping through every industry – it is not only the future, it is the present. So why isn’t every business digitized? Often it’s because of the challenge and complexity of the respective projects: There are fears of high costs, uncertainty about which systems to choose, complexity of requirements, and poor implementation can have serious consequences. And what has worked well so far is rarely questioned.

We understand these concerns. But at the same time, we know from numerous projects how dangerous delaying digitalization can become. There is virtually no alternative to digitalization, because it accelerates everything, including changes in market positioning. Those who put it off are not saving money but are soon caught in a spiral of cost pressure and the need to consolidate.

That doesn’t have to be the case because digitized processes are more robust, more flexible, and unlock significant potential through increased visibility. Not only can they be leveraged quickly and securely, but they also free up resources that can directly increase productivity.

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How to make digital your success story

The good news is that those who embrace digitalization now will strengthen their competitive position in the long run. We work with you to develop strategies and solutions that are both low-risk and effective – and we help you implement them. You get a solid overview of your processes, select systems that fit your individual situation, or have the opportunity to test scenarios in a simulation before physical implementation. And we take the people involved with us, because in the complex social system of a factory, people are the critical success factor.

Because no two companies are alike, our approach is always tailored to your individual needs and specific potential. The starting point is your existing capabilities and the added value your customers expect. The productivity benefits of digitalization open up enormous opportunities for you.

S + P Digitalization Consulting

4 action areas for a successful transformation

We tailor our offering to your specific level of digitalization. We can support you in the development of a targeted strategy, the introduction and further development of your system landscape, and the implementation of digital solutions. We work with you to implement these solutions while your business is running – with built-in security. So you lose neither time nor production capacity.

1. Digitalization strategy

What do you want to achieve?

Every transformation starts with a strategy. Our experienced consultants can help you develop one. Based on your overall strategy, we work with your executives to develop a comprehensive picture of the current state of digitization in the company and conceptualize the target state. With this in mind, we analyze all relevant units, identify inefficient siloed solutions and avoidable process breaks, and determine the skills required.

2. System mapping

Which system is right for your organization?

The right choice of system is the foundation of any digitization win. A new system needs to seamlessly integrate with your existing landscape. By analyzing your IT infrastructure and processes, we identify and quantify improvement potentials. We help you align systems and processes. We accompany you from the selection of a provider through a learning workshop for the complete implementation with the designated super users. For example, our targeted support for an ERP implementation has reduced the number of documents and information paths by 50 percent.

3. Process transformation

What can be retained?

To drive digital transformation in your organization, you do not necessarily need to rely on costly new systems. Often, existing digital infrastructure can be used as a foundation for evolutionary development. As an experienced partner, we can help you identify possible legacy systems and how to evolve them. In addition, we develop solutions that are precisely tailored to your requirements and systems, such as ERP or MES systems.

4. Dynamic simulation

What is the effect of your change?

Simulation of material flows and processes is a good way to reduce uncertainty in decision-making. This allows you to better understand the impact of change on your processes and - if necessary - adapt them. We develop a digital twin of your factory, which you can use to simulate the worst-case scenario in a protected environment before making any physical changes. This saves time, secures information, and dramatically reduces the risk of bad decisions.


Successful with a view to the big picture

Digitalization affects all areas and resources of your company: machines, workflows, IT systems and, last but not least, your employees. For a successful digital transformation, your team at Dr. Schönheit + Partner takes a holistic view of your organization:


We analyze all processes and process carriers and design a waste-free landscape on which digitalization can be based.


By mapping and determining the potential of your IT system landscape, we identify opportunities and expansion reserves.


We implement digitalization in accordance with your strategy. In doing so, we use existing structures and integrate new technologies.

Added value

Finally ahead: Your new opportunities with digital structures

The content of digitalization affects all areas and resources of your company: machines, workflows, IT systems and, last but not least, your employees. For a successful digital transformation, your team at Dr. Schönheit + Partner takes a holistic view of your organization:

Freeing resources, tapping new markets

Digitalization provides a boost by eliminating inefficient processes and internal efforts. You free up potential that can be used to create value - and new customers.
Focus goals, aligning activities

With digitalization, you can finally make sense of large amounts of data. With the right metrics and methodologies, your progress becomes visible-and measurable.
Improving time-to-market, beating the competition

As your processes accelerate, so does your output. You'll be able to respond more quickly and accurately to customer demands and outpace the competition.
Reducing redundancies, streamlining throughput

Digitalization is systemic support for lean management: media disruptions are eliminated, duplication of effort and redundant data production are a thing of the past. Simpler is more effective.
Stopping waste, achieving efficiencies

We optimize existing processes or develop new ones. Analog processes can be replaced or supported by digital ones. As a result, resources are used more wisely and economically.
The Holistic View

Beyond Digitalization

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