Operations System meets Digitalization

In production companies and clinics digitalization does not take place as a single measure, but runs through all processes and activities: digital transformation meets modern working environments, agile management and lean systems. The goal of digitalization is always to increase efficiency and simplify processes. In practice, however, it all too often proves to be a driver of complexity. As a result, potential opportunities are not seized and digitalization does not lead to the desired success.

To enable production companies and hospitals to get the best possible benefit from their digitalization initiative, we offer a unique solution: “Operations System meets Digitalization”. As an independent partner for digitalization, we support our customers in all project phases and ensure that objectives are achieved and that the benefits of the digital tools become effective in the long term, based on six success factors:

  1. Strategy
    Objectives have their validity and digitalization must support them.
  2. Big picture
    A holistic system idea serves as a common target for digitalization and “analog” processes.
  3. Simple – Quick – Cost-efficient
    Complexity must be reduced, transparency and focus must be enabled.
  4. Individual responsibility
    The users of the digital tools must be involved even before the experts – namely right from the concept stage.
  5. Competence
    We implement innovative applications on available systems – quickly and easily – and qualify the users accordingly.
  6. Leadership
    Managers must be able to master both digitalization and processes and at the same time be able to include the people involved.

Take your chances with our Lead to Lean® approach – Lead to Simplicity – and benefit from our experience from over 700 projects in 20 years paired with the innovative power of a young team of digital natives.

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